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Erin Guyette, MS, LMFT

Working with Erin

My hope is to have you experience therapy or coaching as a healing and growth process where I am with you every step of the way. We can achieve this through individual or relational therapy/coaching. Together, my clients and I work to achieve personal and relational goals to move towards healthier and happier lives. I see clients as the expert in their own life and use my professional knowledge of a variety of research and theory-informed techniques to create a personalized therapy or coaching structure to promote change and focus on creating a better future. My goal as the therapist/coach is to have each client, whether individual or in a family, feel like their best self. 

Professional Background

I am an LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) with a Master’s degree in Couple and Family Therapy from Kansas State University. I am currently an AAMFT supervisor in training. I am working on my doctoral degree (PhD) in Family Social Science with a specialization in Couple and Family Therapy at the University of Minnesota and anticipating graduation in May of 2024. I research families in divorce or separation transitions, therapists working in family law, divorce education, alternative dispute resolution services, and improving therapy services for families experiencing separation/divorce. I have presented my work at national conferences and to other mental health professionals educating on the topics of family law, working with high-conflict families, parent-child relationships, boundary ambiguity, and the impact of divorce on children. I am a qualified Neutral under Rule 114. I am trained in family mediation, parenting consulting, and discernment counseling.

In addition to my clinical work and research, I am a course instructor at the University of Minnesota and conduct research at the graduate level at the University of Minnesota in Family Social Science. During my free time, I enjoy cooking, crafting, walking my dogs, spending time with my family, traveling, and enjoying time at the lake.

I am a member of the Minnesota Chapter of the Association of Family Conciliation Courts (AFCC) and part of the education and training committees. I am also a member of the Minnesota Collaborative Law Institute.