Divorce or Separation Adjustment

therapy and coaching services for after the separation or divorce has happened

Adolescent/Child Therapy

The transition from one household to two and the emotional aspects of divorce can cause strain on family relationships. Therapy for children/adolescents during or after a divorce/separation can be very important for their healthy adjustment. Whether it is working within one household or working with both households, we can set child-oriented goals for healthy family functioning as the family adjusts to the divorce/separation.

Parent-Child Relationship Repair

(formerly reunification therapy)

Divorce, separation, or custody changes can often cause tension in the relationship between a parent and their child(ren). Parents often have concerns about the conflict that is occurring and behaviors of the child's other parent who may be seen as the "in" parent. or parent that the child is favoring. Other times, children have not seen a parent in a while because of the divorce or separation process so their relationship with one parent is more estranged. In parent-child relationship repair, parents and children are involved to re-establish the parent-child relationship and healthy family functioning.

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Individual Therapy or Coaching

Life after divorce can continue to be stressful and emotional. You are learning to work with a coparent, follow a new schedule, manage finances differently, and many other changes. Adjusting to these changes and the emotional adjustment can have a negative impact on one’s mental health. Other times, people feel like their mental health is in good standing but appreciate the support of a coach as they work through their life and manage stress after a divorce.

Co-Parent Coaching

Moving from being partnered to being co-parents can be very challenging. The relationship makes a huge transition, and the children are still needing parental guidance and structure. A coparenting coach can work with you on setting a healthy structure between two households and meet the needs of your children collaboratively. Also, co-parent coaching can be helpful when there is often conflict or if there is a difficult co-parent. When you have a co-parenting coach, they can provide insight from their experience and education to inform how to navigate difficult relationships and separate households.

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