Divorce or Separation Initiation

therapy and coaching services when the divorce or separation has started

divorce initiation

Parent Coaching

Parenting is already hard, and divorce leaves many parents not knowing what to do to best provide for their child during the divorce transition. A parent coach provides psychoeducation on how divorce impacts children at different developmental levels and works with you to help parent your child as they adjust to the divorce. A parenting coach provides support as you navigate the divorce or separation process and meet your children's needs.

Individual Therapy or Coaching

Divorce is highly emotional and people are often not their best selves as they try to navigate all the components that come with a divorce: co-parenting, legal proceedings, new homes, lower finances, etc. All of these transitions at once and the emotional adjustment can have a negative impact on one’s mental health. Other times, people feel like their mental health is in good standing but appreciate the support of a coach as they work through their divorce and manage stress.

Adolescent/Child Therapy

Children are typically the last to find out about a separation or divorce and respond in a variety of ways. Depending on the level of conflict, relationships with both parents, developmental ages, and other resilience factors, they adjust to divorce at a different pace. I work with children to help them cope with the divorce and adjust to their new living situations.

Co-Parent Coaching

Moving from being partnered to being co-parents can be very challenging. The relationship makes a huge transition, and the children are still needing parental guidance and structure. However, this can be even harder when working with a difficult co-parent. When you have a co-parenting coach, they can provide insight from their experience and education to inform how to navigate difficult relationships and separate households.

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