Child and Adolescent Therapy

child in therapy

Here are commonly addressed concerns with children/teens-

  • anxiety

  • bullying

  • behavior/oppositional issues

  • depression

  • divorce/separation

  • emotional expression

  • family conflict

  • grief/loss

  • school problems

  • self-esteem

  • substance abuse

  • suicidal ideation

Children and adolescents go through different challenges as a normal part of their childhood, but what about when the challenges are abnormal or a child is having an abnormal response?

Parents are not given an instruction manual when their kids are born, and they constantly worry about doing the right thing and making the right choices about how to help their children grow and develop into healthy and happy people. Sometimes parents and family members are facing issues with their child that they don’t know how to handle, and it can pull a family apart if not addressed or the child can have lasting concerns. I assess for behavioral and emotional concerns in children and work with them and their parents to improve their daily lives and provide a space to improve well-being. I work to empower children to work with their parents and will involve parents in the process as necessary to meet the needs of the child.