Family Therapy

family in therapy smiling

Families encounter stressful adjustments and difficulties, as most families go through life challenges and changes together. Family conflict and problems are often complicated and emotionally charged. Problems often are either not discussed or can become too escalated to problem-solve. If recent life transitions, parenting challenges, mental health concerns, or behavior problems are straining relationships within your family, working with a mental health professional could be very beneficial. Family therapy doesn’t stop at “fixing the problem.” Family therapy is meant for multiple family members to work together to recognize negative interactions and create healthier, family-oriented relationships for the benefit of all family members.

The first two to three sessions are getting to know your family and constructing the objectives for family therapy. From there, I will meet family members, parents, or the family unit as needed to reach the goals of the family. I try to include as many family members as I can in the therapy process so everyone's voice is heard and the health of the entire family is prioritized.

Not sure if it is family therapy you need? I'd be happy to speak with you to see if family therapy would be a good fit or answer any questions you may have about family therapy or any therapy or coaching services. Feel free to reach out at any time by calling 612-217-2317 or emailing