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Individual Therapy

"Therapy is a powerful tool that turns vulnerability in to strength and fear into understanding"

- Anonymous

Looking to make positive changes in your life or how you feel? Often in major life transitions, therapy can be where healing begins and hope thrives. Here, you'll find a safe and welcoming space to work on things to start a "new chapter," heal from past hurts, or address mental health concerns. Whether you're facing life's uncertainties, struggling with relationships, or simply seeking personal growth, a tailored approach to therapy is designed to empower you on your journey to a happier, more fulfilling life. Your brighter tomorrow starts today.

A space for YOU

It is not uncommon for people to put responsibilities and others before themselves.  However, this can create problems and negatively impact our mental health. This can lead to struggle short or long term with:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • grief/loss

  • self-esteem

  • substance abuse

  • personal relationships

If you've been struggling with daily things, relationships, or a major life transition, working with a licensed mental health professional can be so important to your well-being.

Tools and Strategies

Evidence-based and research-informed therapy practices encompass a holistic approach that extends beyond traditional conversation-based methods. These practices integrate validated techniques, grounded in scientific research, to address a wide array of psychological and emotional challenges. Rather than solely relying on verbal communication, therapists utilize a diverse toolkit of interventions tailored to individual needs. These may include cognitive-behavioral strategies, attachment-based processes, experiential techniques, and more. By embracing this comprehensive approach, therapy becomes a dynamic process of exploration and transformation, empowering individuals to achieve sustainable change and greater well-being.

Goal Setting and Progress Tracking

Discover the power of goal-oriented therapy and personalized progress tracking at our therapy website. As a therapist, it is part of my process to define clear objectives and develop actionable strategies to achieve them. With our collaborative approach, we'll work hand-in-hand to monitor your progress, celebrate milestones, and adjust strategies as needed, ensuring you stay on track towards your desired outcomes. Experience the transformative journey of goal setting and progress tracking with us, and unlock your full potential for growth and fulfillment.

Empowerment and Growth

Therapy can go beyond just addressing challenges; it can be about equipping you with the tools and insights to thrive. Through a strategized approach, therapy here can guide you to reaching your full potential, fostering resilience, and supporting being your best self. Therapy here is designed to empower you to embrace your journey with confidence and purpose. 





11670 Fountains Drive #200

Maple Grove, MN 55369

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