Couples Therapy

Relationships are hard for all of us and sometimes they need a little or a lot of repairing to move forward. There may be problems that appear out-of-the-blue or ones that have been a problem for years. When I work with couples, I work with both partners equally to get to the root of the relationship dysfunction and invite both partners to work to improve the relationship. Therapy that involves both partners is often powerful because clients can actually take the time to talk with each other about things that go unsaid in a constructive way due to the skills of the therapist.

I work with couples for a variety of concerns such as mental health concerns of one or both partners, conflict, lack of emotional connection, parenting problems, and other significant changes to the relationship that is leaving lasting negative effects.

Communication issues are the number one thing I hear my clients talk about as the reason for needing therapy. Now whether that fits for you or you have concerns that are completely different, we will work together to get your relationship to where you would like it to be.

couple walking out of therapy

- Discernment Counseling -

Sometimes, couples are in need of discernment counseling without realizing it. Discernment counseling is a brief therapy designed for couples who are unsure whether they want to continue their relationship. It can also be used when someone wants to end the relationship while the other partner wants to stay in the relationship. While not considered a treatment, discernment counseling is an assessment process to help couples decide next steps. Couples who are considering separating but do not know if ending their relationship is the right decision may find exploring their options helpful. This type of counseling is brief and typically between one and five sessions. I am trained in discernment counseling and work with the professors at the University of Minnesota who invented the approach.

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