Individual Therapy

therapist writing notes

Individual Therapy is meant for those seeking to change how they live or feel. We sometimes get stuck, overwhelmed, or experience hardships where we need additional support and new tools to navigate life. It can feel hard to start the therapy process and work on things that are the biggest challenges to us. Whether you are experiencing a mental health concern, family/relationship problems, divorce, stress from work, or are unhappy with life in general, we can work together to establish goals based on what you need to build a healthier and brighter future. We will move through therapy at the pace you are ready for and keep track of progress so therapy is a hopeful, healing, and empowering experience.

Issues often addressed in therapy include-

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • divorce/separation

  • emotional distress/pain

  • grief & loss

  • self-esteem

  • loss of a relationship

  • overwhelming stress

  • parenting challenges

  • personal growth

  • substance abuse

  • trauma