Divorce or Separation Contemplation

therapy and coaching services when divorce or separation has been considered

Couples Therapy

When one or both spouses have mentioned divorce, couples therapy can be very important to repair and rebuild for a healthier relationship moving forward. In my work with couples, I challenge both partners in being the best version of themselves and work on their individual needs in addition to building a healthier relationship together. I find success when couples are able to look inward and identify how the relationship got to where it is today. In technical terms, this is differentiation-based couples’ therapy. Why does this work? Because individuals can only control their own behaviors, therefore, when both partners are working towards healthier functioning, everyone sees successful results.

Discernment Counseling

Discernment counseling is a brief therapy designed for couples who are unsure whether they want to continue their relationship. It can also be used when someone wants to end the relationship while the other wants to stay in the relationship. While not considered a treatment, discernment counseling is an assessment process to help couples decide their next steps. Couples who are considering separating but do not know if ending their relationship is the right decision may find exploring their options helpful. This type of counseling is brief and typically between one and five sessions. I am trained in discernment counseling and work with the professors at the University of Minnesota who invented the approach. To learn more about the process, click here- Discernment Counseling Info

Individual Therapy or Coaching

When people are thinking about divorce, they are often in significant distress. Some clients I see are experiencing anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns as they feel their relationship is deteriorating and seek therapy. I work with individuals in therapy and coaching when divorce has been a consideration to address mental health concerns, manage stress, parenting, and navigating their relationship with their significant other.

Family Therapy

Oftentimes, when there is tension in the marital or parent relationship, there is also tension amongst children and conflict within the family. Families sometimes see what is known as externalizing behaviors in children such as an increase in conflict, poor grades, aggression, acting out at home or school, substance abuse, or other delinquent behaviors. Parents notice that there has been a change in the family relationships over time and have become stuck in negative ways. Family therapy or therapy focusing on the needs of the children is important to facilitate healthy interactions amongst family members, address parents’ concerns, and get a family back on track.

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